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About Us

How long has AccountingPartners existed?

The idea behind AccountingPartners and its business model was born in December 2005; the Articles of Association were concluded at the end of April 2006. We obtained registration as a auditing company in June 2006 an succesfully passed the legal peer review requierements in March 2010.

Who are we?

AccountingPartners is an auditing company taking the legal form of a partnership. The company is located in Düsseldorf.
The nucleus of AccountingPartners is made up of six Partners. We are a group of auditors and tax consultants who have gained experience in large auditing companies, who have known each other for many years and have successfully supervised numerous demanding projects together.

What is our mission?

AccountingPartners was established because the Partners are convinced that they can offer an attractive range of services to companies. 
The increasing pressure of expectations from users of financial statements and the associated legal developments demonstrate that the contents, processes and supervision of financial reporting tasks in companies are becoming more complex. The Enactment of the German Accounting Law Modernization Act (BilMoG), Application of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the development of IFRS for SME, extended reporting obligations, the set up of the German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel and, not lastly, more stringent demands on the independence of auditors, are just a few main points of this development.
For companies, this may possibly lead under a classic "make or buy" question to a decision to involve further consultants in financial reporting and/or its supervision, or even be forced to do so. At the same time, the efficiency of the flows of information and/or processes needs to be increased.

In this context, AccountingPartners offers you

  • individual expertise that was created as early as the establishment of AccountingPartners in joint projects, often of a complex nature;
  • professional expertise - from family-controlled  firms to companies listed on stock exchanges;
  • experience in the work in and with large auditing companies;
  • the benefits of a small unit: uncomplicated, without hierarchies, in direct interaction with clients, on-the-spot, efficient.

What do we do?

We offer expertise in all matters relevant to financial reporting and taxation.
In past years, we have focussed our work on the following areas:

  • BilMoG-conversion: analysis and presentation of conversion effects
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): conversion projects and assessment of selected accounting issues for listed an non-listed companys;
  • Group financial reporting: Set up with SAP-ECCS and assessment of selected group accounting issues;
  • Opinions on selected questions concerning accounting regulations;
  • Annual audits of financial statements and consolidated financial statements;
  • Review of financial statements and consolidation packages;
  • Valuations using discounted cash flow-oriented valuation methods: Corporate valuations and valuations in accordance with IFRS (e.g. purchase price allocation (IFRS 3), calculation of value in use  (IAS 36));
  • Due diligence projects;
  • Corporate taxation: Advice on tax returns and arrangements.

In what way can we help you?

We basically take on various forms of work for our clients:

  • as "in-house consultant" for all questions relevant to current financial reporting and taxation or in matters of corporate governance;
  • case-by-case, for example
    • optaining of a second opinion concerning accounting issues
    • in case of conflict of interest of the auditor;
    • in questions or opinions involving tax arrangements;
  • as auditor of the financial statements or as auditor of other accounting related regulations;
  • in project work, for instance
    • IFRS and BilMoG conversions or
    • comprehensive reviews of internal control systems or
    • for corporate valuations or determining discounted cash flow-oriented sets of figures to establish values in use for the impairment test as per IAS 36.
  • as Accounting Trainer

How do we work?

If required, we assist you at every stage of a project. 
We are particularly characterised by flat hierarchies. The benefit for clients is obvious: Contrary to large companies, we do not delegate tasks to an assistant level. The partners are always involved in our business – and on-the-spot for our clients.
In this respect, AccountingPartners not only concentrates on performing the practical tasks. If required, we also assist you in internal or external communication – such as if legal accounting opinions or valuation appraisals are to be compiled for submission to the executive board, supervisory board or the meeting of shareholders for resolution. We also have many years of experience with situations in which doubt is cast on a company's accounts by a third party.
As experienced professionals, we know how important it is not only to derive solutions under critical time constraints, but to communicate and implement the same. Our joint project experience is the guarantee for optimum assistance and supervision of the necessary steps.
The experienced team of consultants is itself responsible for quality assurance in the provision of services. By providing wide-ranging documentation for projects, we give clients the opportunity of monitoring quality, either by the clients themselves or by third parties.

What else can you expect?

Over the course of the years, we have naturally come across questions which we do not regard as belonging to our core competences. This particularly applies to legally based questions which required the involvement of special legal experts, thus lawyers. We have thereby built up a network of contacts and are able to call on reliable Cooperation partners. This enables us to cover legal topics, such as those concerning company law, media law, fiscal penal law or insolvency law.