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Service Profile

We have broken down our service profile into four segments. We inform you of the main aspects of our service profile and things worth knowing about each segment in tabular form.

Service profile: Annual audits and special audits

Apart from financial statements and consolidated financial statements, our services include company foundation reviews, audits of interim financial reportings and special audits.

In detail, we offer the following items:

  • Legally stipulated auditing of the annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and management reports in accordance with HGB /  IFRS / US-GAAP;
  • Voluntary audits of financial statements and consolidated financial statements;
  • System reviews, in particular in the context of implementing SAP business process solutions;
  • Assistance in depicting complex group structures in SAP-FILC and SAP-ECCS;
  • Company foundation and post-foundation reviews in accordance with §§ 33-35, 52 of the German Corporate Law (Aktiengesetz);
  • Reviewing corporate contracts;
  • Reviewing conversions;
  • Auditing proper management in accordance with § 53 Budget Principles Act (Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz);
  • Auditing the dependence report in accordance with § 313 of the German Corporate Law (Aktiengesetz);
  • Special audits in accordance with §§ 142-146 of the German Coporate Law (Aktiengesetz);
  • Special audits due to inadmissible under-valuation in accordance with §§ 258-261 of the German Coporate Law (Aktiengesetz).

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