Service Profile

We have broken down our service profile into four segments. We inform you of the main aspects of our service profile and things worth knowing about each segment in tabular form.

Service profile: International Financial Reporting Standards & German accounting standards


We are very happy to assist you in all questions involving International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
We have many years of comprehensive experience with conversion projects and in assessing individual matters concerning financial statements. We can offer you a broad range of knowledge, from the project planning through to technical implementation:

  • Identification and brief analysis of the main areas of IFRS conversion in the run up to a conversion of the consolidated or stand-alone financial statements to the IFRS;
  • Planning and budgeting for IFRS conversions;
  • Support during the technical conversion of the financial reporting software (e.g. in a SAP environment);
  • Compiling opinions on accounting law;
  • Compiling submissions for management decision-making;
  • Compiling sets of figures for impairment tests;
  • Purchase price allocation in case of business combinations;
  • Compiling sets of figures for classifying leasing arrangements;
  • Staff training;
  • Compiling accounting manuals.

German accounting standards

Our scope of services comprises the following items:

  • Compiling opinions on accounting law for purposes of preparing financial statements or consolidated financial statements;
  • Compiling opinions or appraisals on disputes involving accounting law;
  • Compiling opinions or appraisals on accounting law for corporate transactions or due diligence reviews.

We have many years of comprehensive experience in supporting companies whose accounts are to be certified by a “neutral“ or "second opinion", or if doubts are cast on their accounts by third parties. We are very pleased to assist you in all questions of German accounting law.

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