Service Profile

We have broken down our service profile into four segments. We inform you of the main aspects of our service profile and things worth knowing about each segment in tabular form.

Service profile: Tax consulting

We are happy to assist you in all fiscal matters concerning your company. Our services take in all types of tax, regardless of whether this concerns tax returns or advice on transactions. In detail, we offer the following services:

  • Advice on restructuring or reorganisations;
  • Fiscal advice on corporate transactions;
  • Preparation of company tax returns;
  • Tax planning and assessment of the fiscal effects of planned decisions;
  • Negotiations with the tax office to obtain binding information and actual agreements;
  • Appraisals and opinions on fiscal matters;
  • Application and interpretation of dual taxation agreements;
  • Installation and supervision of internal transfer pricing systems;
  • Appraising internal transfer prices, licenses, charges etc. between affiliated companies;
  • Tax-oriented corporate financing;
  • Compiling successor regulations;
  • Advice on establishing companies and the selection of their legal form;
  • Appraisals on international tax arrangements;
  • Assisting in external tax audits and participating in the concluding meetings;
  • Tax advice for artists, sportsmen and sportswomen.

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