Service Profile

We have broken down our service profile into four segments. We inform you of the main aspects of our service profile and things worth knowing about each segment in tabular form.

Service profile: Valuations & due diligence reviews


There are numerous situations in financial reporting, in company valuations or other valuation requirements in which it makes sense to have valuations performed or confirmed by a third party. We are happy to assist you in creating objective foundations for decision-making for your accounting or transactions.
In case of valuations, we apply different procedures depending on the circumstances of the valuation:

In valuation situations in which market price oriented procedures can be applied:

  • establishment of the price able to be obtained on an active market or
  • establishment of a derived price (analogy procedure).

In valuation situations in which the principles of company valuation can or must be applied:

  • income value methode or
  • discounted cash flow methode

In valuation situations in which the following valuation procedures appear adequate or have been agreed:

  • establishing the asset values or
  • liquidation or break-up values or
  • multiplicator procedure.

Due Diligence

Wide-ranging due diligence reviews are often performed in advance of large corporate transactions or those involving major parts of companies. We are happy to assist you in the due diligence process and perform the review for you or together with you in the following areas:

  • financial due diligence,
  • tax due diligence or
  • other operational or financial due diligence reviews

We are happy to work together with the parties chosen by you for other areas of the due diligence review and to support the interdisciplinary requirements on such a project. In the case of legal due diligence, we are happy to refer to our cooperation partners.

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